Tuesday, September 17, 2013

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Calvin and Lincoln {Newborn Photographer Niagara}

Meet twin baby boys, Calvin and Lincoln!  This was my first twin session, and boy was it a lot of fun, but SO much work too!  I definitely admire those photographers who do a lot of twin work! :)

I just love thinking about the special connection these two will have throughout their lives. :)

 photo NewbornPhotographerNiagara-2_zps1e77f4c5.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographerNiagara-11_zps7471d9fd.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographerNiagara-3_zps51d8dacb.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographerNiagara-7_zpsb1fdcb68.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographerNiagara-1_zps804d00d6.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographerNiagara-14_zpsc2ee3887.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographerNiagara-5_zpsa0c28ca2.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographerNiagara-6_zpsa7174ff5.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographerNiagara-12_zpsf24c5e5a.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographerNiagara-9_zpsf75c3118.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographerNiagara-4_zpsffb7d649.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographerNiagara-8_zps1c47c00f.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographerNiagara-10_zpsb5fa74f0.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographerNiagara-13_zps5eb3f186.jpg

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Baby Olivia {Newborn Photographer Niagara}

For someone who's not really a huge fan of winter, I reeeeally loved this wintery maternity session...fresh, fluffy snow + glowing parents-to-be = perfection!

Then I met beautiful baby Olivia - so teeny tiny at 7 days new!  At one point during her session, I turned around to see Mommy and Daddy's heads peeking out over the couch watching their sweet baby girl being photographed - it was just so cute - I really should have taken a picture of that! :)

Congratulations again, Andy and Clementine on your beautiful baby girl!

 photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-21_zps875bc898.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-22_zps75c24336.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-17_zps8b5a4f43.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-24_zpscb22b171.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-20_zpsba13abe5.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-18_zps2f1cfe28.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-23_zps26c739d9.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-19_zps143d7b3f.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-25_zps524a3408.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-7_zps714b2571.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-3_zpsa45a0900.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-12_zps676342be.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-1_zpscd657800.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-9_zps78eb35c6.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-6_zpsb749358f.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-4_zps8325f6e0.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-16_zps6c8c9e42.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-15_zps16f15663.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-2_zps1a9ae855.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-11_zpsd34619f4.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-13_zps767f5d48.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-8_zpsbfb48344.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-14_zpsd8b5e99b.jpg  photo NewbornPhotographyNiagara-5_zps9bd51a19.jpg

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baby Andrew {Newborn Photography Niagara}

Sweet little Andrew was so calm and easy going for his session with me.  He barely made a peep, and he was just so delicious!  Those lips and chubby little cheeks of his were to die for! :)

Congratulations again, Kirk family, on your newest little man! :)

 photo BabyAndrew6_zps17bcefdf.jpg  photo BabyAndrew19b_zpscd141e5a.jpg  photo BabyAndrew12_zpse23df9e4.jpg  photo BabyAndrew13b_zpseba37490.jpg  photo BabyAndrew20_zps1965e1df.jpg  photo BabyAndrew11_zps382aa139.jpg  photo BabyAndrew9_zps6fdfafaf.jpg  photo BabyAndrew15b_zpsb51eeb34.jpg  photo BabyAndrew14_zpsf2051aad.jpg  photo BabyAndrew7b_zpsbec0886c.jpg  photo BabyAndrew22_zpsed1186a5.jpg  photo BabyAndrew16_zps0ddeb8f1.jpg  photo BabyAndrew5_zpsd63ac83b.jpg

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